Our Mission

Creating A Sustainable Global Economy using AI.

Through the use of novel financial products which promote an equitable systems

What we do

Our vision is to empower developing economies

We create services to build commodity exchanges

By focusing on protecting local producers from predatory practices, we generate local and global value
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Preserving Wealth for Businesses and Investors

Using the commodity future market and a large array of AI algorithms we preserve value while mantaining local equity.
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— Novel commodity exchange creation

Riso is a blockchain-based commodities exchange platform that utilizes distributed ledger technology to tackle transparency and trust issues in commodity trading.

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Our Services

There is a lot we do. Here are our main services

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Sustainable Commodity Arbitrage

Using state of the art algorithms, Artificial Intelligence and systematic trading we create effective commodity arbitrage in upcoming markets

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Our Tech

State of the art Artificial Intelligence combined with descentralized applications

AI meets Finance

Based in California, Mansa Capital utilizes state of the art Artificial Intelligence to infer from the futures market, while simultaneously using descentralized applications to renovate the commodity finance market

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