Our Mission

Welcome to the New Generation of Financial Tech-AI Meets Finance:

We have restructured traditional investing, with the strength of data science and machine learning.

Novel models that can withstand the unforeseen volatility of commodity markets

Rethinking existing tools in economies of developing communities.

Distributing easy-to-access technology globally-Ethical products that prioritize protecting local growers from predatory practices

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01. Dolor istam est

Novelty - unique and specialized approach to investing with the power of AI

Transparency - communicating and reporting to our investors with emphases in timeliness and accuracy

 Innovation - continuously striving to compete with the market-best technology and consistently upgrading our products.

 Integrity - providing ethical services to clients while prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

Sustainability -  socially and economically viable models that change with the times and persist long term. 

Our values

At Mansa Capital we believe that the end does not justify the means and therefore in every single decision we make we always align to our values and moral.

03. Dolor sitam est

Alejandro and Matteo met in college and shared a passion for identifying inefficiencies in financial markets. Alejandro was inspired by his experiences growing up in developing countries, where he saw firsthand the stark divide between those who lived in luxury and those who struggled to survive.

Our Story

Mansa Musa, once the richest man in the world, so rich that in his pilgrimage to Mecca he devalued the price of gold by giving wealth to the poor. 5 Centuries later Mansa Capital was born with the same objective, to create a sustainable global economy.

04. Eirmod tempor invidunt

Matteo was particularly interested in crypto markets and created an algorithmic bot that used arbitrage to regulate them. Together, they founded Mansa, an AI arbitrage fund that aimed to reduce economic inefficiencies in developing countries while preserving value for investors. As CTO, Matteo was responsible for bridging the fields of financial technologies and creating solutions to bring them to life. However, they needed someone to help bring their ideas to fruition.

Enter Taerim, who shared their passion for globalizing the economy without destroying local sustainable economies. As the logistics expert and head of US operations, Taerim focused on delivering honest and timely material to their clientele. He’s currently taking the series 3 finra certified commodity securities advisor and helped bring Alejandro and Matteo's ideas to life. Together, the trio worked to create sustainable financial solutions by closing the gap between AI and finance technologies. They realized that commodity exchanges and futures contracts had huge inefficiencies, but were also important economic indicators that showed food insecurity in regions. By using AI and blockchain to reach untapped markets, they hoped to make a positive impact and create a more equitable global economy.